EastWood Early Education | Indoor Facilities
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Indoor Facilities



This fantastic space is available to all classes on a daily basis. Children are able to utilise the library for specialist librarian sessions, general class reading times and to stimulate their inquisitive minds.


Technology in every room


Here children can learn vital skills of modern technology with laptops, iPad’s, and interactive whiteboards. Children can also learn to program Bee-Bot robots, an early childhood technology device that reinforces problem solving and explorations, which is great for literacy and numeracy.
Taking photos of their experiences and environment with digital cameras, and with assistance from teachers can prepare these for sharing with friends and families.


Multipurpose Room


This 200 square meter space provides children with gross motor and sensory development opportunities. Not only do we have a large indoor play structure for wet weather play, but a myriad of skill developmental stimulants such as:

• Tactile walk boards
• Balance boards
• Fine motor games for dexterity
• Wall labyrinths for hand/eye coordination
• Plenty more


Dining Room


We have a chef onsite who prepares all of our scrumptious meals. The children enjoy these in the dining room, outside café or a picnic on the lawn. This ensures children are not eating in spaces where they play, that food licencing and health requirements are maintained, and that the social etiquettes of sharing a meal are learnt.

All spaces, indoor and out, are monitored by CCTV, and fully fenced.