EastWood Early Education | Facilities
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We are very proud to provide the families of the Darling Downs with the Education and Care services of Eastwood Early Education and Wyreema Early Education.


Each service, with our team of qualified staff, exceptional resources and amazing facilities are unlike any other Early Childhood facility.


Our Services


  • Each of our specially designed classrooms are furnished and decorated to reflect a warm, soft and home like atmosphere. Natural, soft lighting, warm colours and timber furnishings all create a peaceful space in which children are free to grow, learn and relax.
  • All classes have toileting and nappy change facilities, bottle and craft preparation areas, storerooms and locker facilities.
  • The age groupings, class sizes and staff ratios below are legislated under the Education and Care Services National Law, and Regulations. Our Centres offer two nursery classes, with each class group thereafter overlapping the next age. This offers flexibility in assigning a child to a class and teacher most suited to their individual needs. We will discuss class allocations with you at the time of enrolment.
Our Class Sizes


Woodlands30 - 48 Months3 StaffGroup Size 24
Warranilla15 - 36 Months2 StaffGroup Size 12
Rangemoor0-24 Months2 StaffGroup Size 10
Langmorn36 Months and Over2 StaffGroup Size 21
Clonara0-15 Months2 StaffGroup Size 8