EastWood Early Education | About Us
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About Us

Katy Paton – Education and Quality Coordinator


As a Qualified Early Childhood Teacher, my primary focus is the Education and Care of children prior to school age and the promotion of quality outcomes for children. I hold a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) and a Masters of Learning Innovation. These degrees, together with 18 years in the Early Childhood industry, and my experiences as a parent, have culminated in the development of two unique facilities for the children of the Darling Downs.


In 2010, my family and I opened Eastwood Early Education in Herries St, East Toowoomba. This innovative service has exceeded the expectations of Toowoomba families for the past 8 years and continues to provide exceptional standards of Care and Education to 75 children each day.


In Mid-2019 our new service, Wyreema Early Education, will open to provide this same quality of care and high educational outcomes for 115 children of the Wyreema and South West Darling Downs. Servicing the child care needs of Felton, Cambooya, Wyreema, Westbrook, Athol, Ramsay and Drayton, we will continue the foundation set by our sister centre Eastwood Early Education for the families in these more rural areas.




Quality Educators are held in the highest regard at Eastwood Early Education and Wyreema Early Education. Both services have a diversity of staff whose qualification and experience include a Bachelor of Education, Advanced Diploma, Diploma, Certificate 3, and School Base Trainees.


Educators participate in continuous professional development and quality improvement processes. Educators diversity extends beyond qualification to include a variety of multicultural and linguistical backgrounds, age and experience as well as both male and female educators. Each are keenly valued for their contribution to the Early Childhood industry and our services.